SMARTSign provides hearing families of deaf children with a free cell phone-based service that will remove several obstacles to learning sign. The difficulty inherent in books and attending sign class far away from home has been eliminated.

There are two components to SMARTSign: SMARTSign-Express and SMARTSign-Alert.


SMARTSign-Express allows family members to “call” for the video of a sign at any time, in any situation, in order to facilitate immediate communication with their deaf child or to learn a sign for later interaction with the child. Speech input can be used to “call” for a sign. The SMARTSign dictionary currently contains signs for over 25,000 words

SMARTSign-Alert will send the user short facts on deaf culture, education, and ASL grammar that are selected to provide positive, useful information. It will also send short quizzes and casual games based on the words the person requests in order to review and reinforce that vocabulary.

To use SMARTSign-Express on a Droid phone go to

1. Tap the textbox.

2. When the keyboard appears, tap the microphone then say your word.

3. When the word appears in the textbox, tap Return. The sign should appear.

To use SMARTSign-Express on an iPhone go to