We are undertaking the development of a free multimedia English dictionary (Dictionary 3.0, D3) that will allow students to look up words on the fly as they are reading, anytime, anywhere. Such support is very important and useful as a major factor affecting reading comprehension is vocabulary knowledge.  A multimedia dictionary will provide a more powerful and efficient learning experience for students than the current text-based dictionaries available in paper, online, or in e-reader software.

D3 will be cross-platform and accessible on all devices (phones, tablets, PCs…). Currently, the prototype works in Chrome on a PC, safari on a mac, and on an iPad/iPhone. To see a sample entry go to http://smartdictionary.imtc.gatech.edu/index.html  and type in “spooky”. Then click on the thumbnail in the left corner to see the full entry for “spooky”. You should see the words “Spooky”, a definition and sample sentence, and a video that illustrates the sample sentence. Also try “snob”, "canoe", "chop", "creak", and "advice" .

When complete this tool will also provide teachers with a ready-made multimedia reference for help when explaining a word's meaning or concept in any subject.

We are adding entries everyday. Check out our YouTube channel playlist to see the newest ones. Be sure to read the video description to see the definition and sample sentence related to the video.

Visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

We need help. We are raising funds and need to let people know. D3 will be the “killer app” for education. If you find our project interesting I hope support it via a donation.